Method noisef.





parameters of constructor.


List of the default parameters.


Method noisef.

Class SensorNoiseModel simulates a degradation in the performance of an individual sensor by generating noise in the sensitivity coefficients. This class is a super-class of the class Sensor.

Function to get default constructor parameters of class SensorNoiseModel.

Constructor method of SensorNoiseModel Class.

Wrapper function SensorNoiseModel.


Slots of the class:

num Sensor number (1:17), which noise profile is used. The default value is 1.
gases Gas indices.
ngases The number of gases.
gnames Names of gases.
concUnits Concentration units external to the model.
concUnitsInt Concentration units internal for the model, values used to evaluate the statistics on coefficients.
ssd Parameter of standard deviation used to generate the noise. The deault value is 0.1.
sntype Noise type (randomWalk).
snf Scaling factor for the amplitude to generate the noise. The default value is c(1, 1, 0.2).
sndata The reference data of standard deviation values from UNIMAN dataset (see UNIMANsnoise).

Methods of the class:

predict Generates noise vectors of a given length.
ssd Gets the noise level.
ssd<- Sets the noise level.
ncoef Gets the number of coefficients.

The plot method has three types (parameter y):

barplot (default) Shows distribution of sd values stored in slot sndata.
noise Depicts the noise vectors generated by the model.
walk Shows the random walk on a scatterplot for two given coefficients.


# model: default initialization sn <- SensorNoiseModel() # get information about the model show(sn)
Sensor Noise Model (ssd 0.1), noise type 'randomWalk'
Sensor Noise Model - num 1 - 3 gases A, B, C - ssd: 0.1 - noise type: randomWalk - noise-factor: 1, 1, 1

# model: custom parameters # - many sensors sn <- SensorNoiseModel(ssd=0.5, num=1:17, gases=c(1, 2, 3)) print(sn)
Sensor Noise Model - num 1, 2, 3 ... 17 - 3 gases A, B, C - ssd: 0.5 - noise type: randomWalk - noise-factor: 1, 1, 1

# method plot # - plot types 'y': barplot, noise, walk sn <- SensorNoiseModel() # default model plot(sn, "barplot", main="plot(sn, 'barplot')")

# default plot type, i.e. 'plot(sn)' does the same plotting plot(sn, "noise", main="plot(sn, 'noise')")

set.seed(6) # make results reproducible plot(sn, "walk", n=100, k=5, main="plot(sn, 'walk', n=100, k=5)")

See also

UNIMANsnoise, Sensor